CANZUK should get into Syria

The Turkish are killing the Kurdish who are killing the Arabs who are killing each other.


This war is a quagmire of western front proportions – it’s stuck on a turn pike, bending under the weight of enforced inertia.


The government has won much ground, but so too has the opposition.

In the north east, the Free Syrian Army is slowly cementing it’s hold, while to the south various ideologically unappealing factions push back desperately against government, Russian and Iranian attacks, and to the east lies the chance to construct a new Kurdish state from the rubble of the Syrian experiment.

Like Iraq, Syria is a nation drawn entirely by rich, white men. No consideration given to the ethnically diverse tribesmen that call each home.

No less important is the absence of a Kurdish state. Today presents a unique chance to establish out of the rubble of Kurdish autonomous regions in Syria and Iraq an independent Kurdistan.


Now that’s worth some more blood and oil, in one fell swoop, CANZUK and their US partners would have prevented the creation of an Iranian land route to the Mediterranean, which stands firmly at odds with a safe and secure Israel.

Which is the fundamental objective of western Middle East policy, along with securing oil and gas.

An independent Kurdistan, backed by the west, meets both of these fundamentals.


So, with only a 2,000 odd lightly armoured US force on the ground, it’s time allies began to contribute more.

While Britain and France have committed some forces, more is needed from Her Majesty’s various governments.

Ottawa, Canberra and Wellington are dragging their feet to a war we’re already part of.

Sea, air and ground forces are becoming increasingly needed.

Remember, this is a proxy war, with the winner usually the one with the biggest stick.


Let’s call Russia’s bluff, stare Turkey down and liberate the Kurdish people.

It’s not like they haven’t waited long enough.

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