A Five Eyes FTA

In our quest for a Canzuk union of sorts, we’re missing the elephant in the room.

Since 1942, Australia has looked to America for our protection, free of any pangs as to our traditional kinship with the United Kingdom.

Ever since fortress Singapore collapsed in an unedifying wreck, our modest nation has shifted it’s great power relationship to Washington.

The United States shares many of the democratic institutions that make Canzuk so appealing, commands the world’s greatest military and is the leader of the free world.

The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand could do worse than include the United States in preliminary discussions.

For, no doubt, combining the anglosphere could act as a counterweight to Washington’s disproportionate influence, but including the Americans will effectively see the five eyes alliance become a permanent fixture on the world stage.

We could even expand membership to like minded, freedom loving nations, such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Canzuk is a worthy policy ideation, but it is logically bereft of us to not at least appear to include the Americans.

Yes, they can be domineering, but balanced out by Ottawa, Wellington, London and Canberra, Washington’s neo-colonial empire will at least have to be more consultative.

Take Syria for example, where the US is receiving scant support from Britain and France.

How much more political weight would be provided with the meaningful deployment of other allies?

Combined, Canzuk represents the world’s second largest economy, second largest defence force and second chance for Britain east of the Suez.

The rise of China, the contest in the South China Sea and ridiculously low defence spending compared to GDP by New Zealand and Canada leaves Canzuk – though frightfully well armed as a collective – individually unprepared.

What better reason than to have America’s steady hand at the table?

It alone is the ultimate guarantor of western civilisation.

If we boost our defence budgets to match the US, then China’s rise as a military power will effectively be checked.

Five eyes needs to work together to provide the global leadership we sorely envision.

Free trade, collective defence and free movement of people.

For Canzuk to succeed, with alliances already locked in, we may need America’s support.

Australia, for starters, would do wisely to open up defence establishments for greater use by our British and American great power friends.

It’s not a question of if China illegally siezes maritime territory, but when.

The allies need to be united to meet this threat head on.



2 thoughts on “A Five Eyes FTA

  1. Regarding the visionary aspect of Canzuk, I envisage that America would do well to acknowledge, respect and accommodate to the unified humanitarian strength of Australia, Canada and UK and the power of their common heritage that forms the backbone of democratic policy behind effective defence strategies.

    I can’t envisage that America is the “ultimate guarantor of western civilisation”, nor that it would have “a steady hand at the table”. In my layperson’s opinion, I see the current political stance of America cradling the weak hand of the unpredictable and reactionary President Trump, is poised to ultimately destroy western civilization before bending to strategic consultation and unified action required for Canzuk to operate effectively.


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