Turkey’s misadventure

Mr Trump, let me break it to you gently, the United States has no other option than to back the Kurds in Syria.

Afrin is a mess of Erdogan’s fumbling creation, an authoritarian leader that doesn’t take kindly to being defeated.

We must remember that this is a politician so bent on extending his own unrivalled power that he’s rewritten the Turkish constitution.

Atatürk’s legacy, if not already dead, lies prostate upon the ashes of the President’s dictatorial reforms.

It got so bad that sizeable parts of the military, the ones still loyal to the republic, tried to stage a coup two years ago.

It was too late then, now today the military is arbitrarily sent to war to fight an imagined enemy as fictitious as Winnie the Pooh.

It’s a fantasy that the PYD and PKK would dare collude with the entire Turkish army at the gates.

In fact, the PYD went to great lengths to distance themselves from the outlawed Turkish separatist movement.

It pains me to say it, but every word rings true, when I say that the PKK see themselves as freedom fighters against Ankara’s imperialism.

Who’s right -Turkish Arabs or Turkish Kurds? It’s all a matter of perspective.

The fact is, Erdogan has lost the proxy war it launched nearly seven years before, now in desperation they’re trying to snatch the last easy pickings off the table.

Turkey has lost Aleppo, and is quickly losing Idlib. If it fails to sieze Afrin, it won’t have enough territory to get a seat at the table.

But they’ve failed at that, they’re at the wrong table. Instead of siding with friends and allies to drive back IS and reclaim the initiative, Turkey sat on it’s hands, forcing America to look to the Kurds.

Since the battle for Kobani in 2014, Turkey’s foreign policy in Syria was a string of indecision and wasted opportunities.

Now the war has been mostly won, and Russia and the US have carved out their spheres of influence, Turkey, in a mad panic, went to hurriedly carve out a sphere of it’s own.

Their once allies are now Al Qaeda, Idlib has fallen to extremists, so Erdogan is desperately trying to save face for the cameras.

Already over 30 brave Turkish soldiers have died for the sake of his vanity.

The Kurds are well dug in, and resisting spectacularly. If the Turks can’t make some headway soon, this might be their very own, modern day Gallipoli.

And they haven’t even gotten close to trying to stare down the US in Manbij.

Can someone please tell this troubled Turkish tyrant just how malevolent he’s being?

It’s ridiculous to watch the collective damage he is doing to the allied cause, as two US-trained militia now – thanks to Erdogan – go to war.

Mr Putin must be smiling like a Cheshire cat right now – he’s already got his rigged election in the bag.

If the Turks lose their marbles and take on America in battle, they’ll soon learn the difference between an F22 and F16.

It’s going to be brutal.

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