China problems

The quiet autocrat, manipulating market forces, influencing neighbouring polities and putting pressure to bear on bearers of converse viewpoints, China is beginning to flex it’s considerable political, economic and military muscles.

As can be seen in it’s unilateral redraw of maritime boundaries in the East and South China seas, it plans to realise it’s hegemony like all of it’s predecessor world powers have – through blunt use of force.

For all our worthy aspirations towards a liberal international order, it’s still the brute force of realism that holds sway in this violent world.

And make no mistake, China is preparing for such an eventuality.

Unilateral redrawing boundaries, rapidly building a modern navy and air force and quietly funding the despotic regime in Syria have not gone unnoticed.

So what are the policy alternatives to the false choices of appeasement or an arms race facing pax Americana and her anglosphere allies?

Simple, collectivise the disparate armed forces of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK into one cohesive fighting force and deploy in strength to the contested regions.

For all China’s bravado and strength, it has a fundamental weakness – it isn’t a democracy.

Sooner or later, third term autocrat Xi Jinping will start jumping at shadows from within.

Such is the life of a Dictator.

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