It’s time the US confronted Syria

Iran is setting up bases with callous disregard, Hezbollah is running riot, Israel faces real and present danger and chemical weapons are becoming common place.

How many American red lines are that, dare one ask?

The fact is, Syria has crossed the threshold of what constitutes a war crime so frequently that the very term has had to be redefined.

Bombing civilians, using chemical weapons on their enemies and silencing by cruel force the voices of dissent.

This isn’t war, this is organised murder by a government of their own population for daring to have a voice.

Let’s not forget the catalyst of this internecine conflict lay in President Assad’s genetic inability to tolerate democratic dissent.

No, a despot can only tolerate one voice, one ruler – his own.

So fixated by his vexatious obsession with clinging onto power in the basket case that his country has become, the despot would have signed a deal with the devil himself.

Turns out he wasn’t far off, allying himself with Iran to share the spoils of the murderous subjugation of his people.

The people he’s sworn to protect, but instead chooses to launch deadly chemical attacks on unarmed civilians.

In the face of this unrivalled evil, the west has been at it’s impotent best, halfheartedly funding and training disparate groups of rebels who are forced to fight with no armour, no air support or anti aircraft weapons whatsoever and, therefore, destined to fail.

What happened in Aleppo, what’s happening in Eastern Ghouta and Idlib?

It’s a wholesale assault on our western values and way of life, yet America lies prostrate in it’s ivory tower east of the Euphrates.

The United States and her allies – Turkey included – have yielded the future of Syria, and the entire Middle East to Assad, Tehran, Moscow and their despotic cronies.

The guarantor of such abhorrence, President Putin, has already shown to the world his disdain for the international rule book by invading Ukraine.

His accomplice, Tehran’s Rouhani, is set on establishing a land corridor for Iran to the Mediterranean and, with it, the ability to strike it’s arch nemisis Israel.

And all the United States has mustered is a paltry tomahawk missile strike on a lone airfield in response to the Syrians using gas for the umpteenth time.

If we take Turkey’s excuses for an incursion into Afrin at face value, then the west is well overdue for a long hard look in the policy mirror.

Israel will not countenance the establishment of Iranian bases so close to it’s soil, Turkey will not stand idle to watch the democratic revolution be stifled, and the United States and her western allies surely won’t countenance the perpetuation in office of an amoral Dictator with so much blood on his hands.

But, surely upon surely, this charade is playing out upon the television screens of an apathetic western audience.

It’s not our war, we’ve fought enough in Afghanistan and Iraq, you can here those people say.

Someone needs to tell these misguided souls that we’re standing on the precipice of a global conflict.

It’s time to act now, before it’s too late.

Declare war on the Assad regime, stare down their Russian and Iranian collaborators, and liberate Syria from the clutches of pure evil.

Though morality is a guiding light when crafting policy of such import, it’s the strategic considerations that should clinch this argument.

Because if we are to keep our ally Israel safe from Iranian extremist terror, Syrians safe from the despotic clutches of Assad, and the Middle East free from the underhanded influence of a belligerent, authoritarian Russia, then it’s time to make a stand.

Already, Russia has effectively declared war by attacking American positions using mercenaries.

Already, the Iranians have intruded on Israeli sovereignty by launching a drone strike.

And already, Assad is yet again proving himself to be a tyrant amongst tyrants by bombing and gassing civilians in Idlib and East Ghouta.

Though battered, the Arab spring is still alive.

But the time has come for the free world to make a stand and draw a line in the sand.

Since when did we let Putin dictate our Middle East policy?

Or Iran and Hezbollah stand over our friends in Israel?

It’s time we took a leaf out of Turkey’s book, and launched a military operation to clear the territory of Assad and his band of terrorists, before it becomes too late.

Make no mistake, this is a proxy war between east and west. Between freedom and authoritarianism. Between Islamic terror and Israel.

It’s not a fight we seek, but it’s one we have to have.


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