Royal Navies combine

Combined, Her Majesty’s Royal Navies constitute the second largest navy in the world, bested only by the United States.

Unfortunately, the division of these navies into territorial entities has rendered them largely coastal, lacking air support and dependent on allies.

While this may suit the vested interests of the established unipolar order, the division and dissipation of the Royal Navies effectiveness is a real and present policy failure that needs urgent rectification.

The first step is to combine the Canzuk fleet into one operational unit.

The second is to streamline the commissioning of new vessels into an interoperable unit.

And the third is to let HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales loose in the antipodes.

Let’s not forget, in 1944, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand formed the British Pacific Fleet, which put the final nail into the Japanese imperialist coffin.

Today, a rising China bodes ill for freedom of navigation in southeast Asia.

We should not stand idle and divided in the face of such existential threats to the establishes world order.

It’s time for Her Majesties Navies to unite as one global fighting force.

For too long, the Anglosphere has leant on pax Americana for survival.

If progress is to be made, this needs to change.

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