Taiwan liberation

There stands today two capitals of China, separated by just a small stretch of sea.

The first, Taipei, is run by a democratically elected government.

The second, Beijing, is not.

No matter how many threats and fistful of dollars the Communists try throw at Taipei, Taiwan’s not for turning.

Two years ago they elected a pro-independence President, evoking a violent reaction from Beijing.

Threats of war and intimidating behaviour have been freely flowing since.

Now in this context of bellicose behaviour, the first thing to secure is superiority in force.

Which Taiwan has comparatively lost as the mainland has rearmed.

New tanks, new planes, new navy ships and bombs.

Just recently China successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile.

But for all it’s sabre rattling in the South China Sea, Beijing is still firmly focused on occupying and suppressing China’s only democracy.

Because, let’s be honest, Hong Kong has increasingly all the hallmarks of a puppet state.

So what is the west supposed to do?

Turn a blind eye while Beijing wages a war of terror against over 20 million of their fellow countrymen?

For all the west knows is this is an unfinished civil war that Chiang Kai Shek lost, but Mao Ze Dong outright failed to win.

The fact is, what was once a military dictatorship is now a bastion of liberal democracy, the very form of government so many of our fellow countrymen have laid down their lives for.

From the Somme to El Alamein to Long Tan, Australians have fallen by the thousands defending our freedom.

The same sense of freedom now rests precariously over Taiwan, as their civil war enemies dramatically rearm.

New aircraft carriers, nuclear weapons, stealth fighters and armoured vehicles are all being studiously assembled by the communists.

They’re deliberately overplaying their hand in the South China Sea in a blatant attempt to intimidate the west to accept reunification of the two China’s as inevitable on Beijing’s terms.

Well sorry for not following the money, the rivers of gold, that have bedazzled so many businessmen to accept authoritarianism, but the west simply should not buy into this grand deception that is China’s wealth.

It’s merely belatedly reestablishing it’s long held status as a major trading power.

Don’t forget that it was Chinese produce, and American rum, that stopped the fleeting colony of Sydney from folding.

As a nation, Australia owes a great debt to China for it’s very survival in early colonial times.

The two nation’s are economically inseparable.

But there has to be a point when it stops being all about the money.

When the bombs are falling and children are dying on our doorstep so a communist Dictatorship can crush a democratic island, how can we in all consciousness stay idle?

We can’t, we won’t, for despite the policy fiction of one China, the survival of Taiwan as a democracy is a Washington red line.

The Pentagon has sent too much military hardware to let it slip from it’s strategic grasp, the question is will Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand join in her defence?

Or has communist China infiltrated our respective economies enough to ensure we lose our nerve.

The myth of mighty China needs to be quickly dispelled.

Yes they’re rearming, wealthier and seemingly trigger happy.

But the United States, along with her anglosphere allies, have Beijing beaten in a fight for decades to come.

China might be ramping up military spending, but so is the west.

Forget the UN, signed agreements and negotiations, the situation in Taiwan is who has the bigger gun.

So long as we have it, it might be an increasingly opportune time to formally liberate Taiwan.

End the one China lie and stand up for freedom, which is worth more than any possession.

No matter how much gold Beijing might tempt you with.

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