481,612 dead

That’s how many people have been killed in Syria.

Probably more.

This situation is making the First World war’s trenches look survivable.

It’s a crippling amount for a country of only 20 odd million, and half of those have already fled.

So a country with half of it’s people running away for their lives while the ones too poor, greedy or stupid not to go are slaughtered in the street.

This war is much more tragic than the trenches a century ago.

Then, a generation of young men were butchered, today it’s the children.

From protests to brutal killings to armed insurrection to the regime gaining the upper hand, the entire war reads like a tragedy.

Because it is.

There’s nothing that could be said, half a million people are dead.

Killed at the hands of a brutal dictator who’s hold on power can be measured in rivers of blood.

All so he can stay despot, even if he has to preside over a mountain of corpses.

If Saddam Hussein had killed half a million of his own people, the United States would have intervened by now.

Are the Americans so economically overstretched and militarily fatigued to stop the genocide of a generation of Syrians all for the sake of the rule of a tyrant?

Or is the west too scared of confronting his henchmen, Putin and Rouhani.

This is a war of attrition with no foreseeable end in sight.

Every day longer Assad is in power, more people are going to die.

Whether Syrian, Turkish, Kurdish, Russian or anything else, a life lost is tragic.

Half a million is something else.

And this war just isn’t ending, if anything it’s getting worse – sucking in neighbouring states like Israel and Turkey as the Iranians and the Kurds cross those nation’s respective red lines.

If inaction continues to be the way of the west, then this war is just going to keep spiralling out of control.

If America, France, Britain and other allies don’t put a stop to this mess soon then Iran will be at war with Israel, Turkey at war with Syria and America will be left to watch as the entire global order it has built implode.

Unable to stop a backward Dictator, the cost has been a massacre, an emboldened Russia and freewheeling Iran, followed by a belligerent China which is champing at the bit to start a civil war of it’s own.

The inability of the allies to act in the face of such unbridled, wholesale destruction of an entire population for the vanity of one man is an indictment.

Russia, Iran and Syria need to be politely advised that unless Assad steps down, a ceasefire is upheld and a UN peacekeeping force is deployed then there will be an appropriate western response.

Something, anything.

This doing nothing approach is getting us nowhere.

Assad needs to go, there is no other way about it.

Half a million people are dead because of him.

Let’s take him out.

2 thoughts on “481,612 dead

  1. Thank you for providing such a clear outline of the tragic situation in Syria, your predictions for the future if no action is taken, and for the suggestion of a possible solution. My question is whether or not there is a future for negotiations or if taking out Assad is considered by you as the only way forward?
    I also need to comment that I felt a negative reaction to the reference to those who did not flee Syria as ” greedy or stupid”. If many of those left are women and children. the sick and elderly, those providing essential services, besides the poor then it would be helpful to identify such groups to clarify the urgency of stopping the infiltration.
    Thank you for delivering the facts and your perspective of this war to your readers.


    1. A good many number of Syrians have refused to flee because it’s their home. Does that make them brave? No that would be foolish. It makes them courageous, if a mother or father had his family massacred. What is the point in fleeing for him? There is none.

      Also you can’t mention US led intervention without mentioning in their modus operandi, which is bomb everything to hell then send in the troops (MOAB anyone?)

      there are so many fighting groups involved in this conflict. The Kurds see a chance at independence, turkey hates that.
      The FSA have been accused of propaganda.
      Japan for the first time since WW2 have sent in active troops.
      Countless extremist groups, to spare themselves the US funds many resistance groups to aid in their fight but they have zero control over these groups who usually hold extremist views.
      Even foreign mercenaries are involved on both sides.

      I recommend looking up the Geneva convention to see what constitutes a world war. You’ll find there’s more than enough participants but the declaration is missing…


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