North Korean Detente

Deep inside the hermit kingdom lives a hermit, naturally, distrustful of every human interaction he has.

So much so that this coddled despot feels the need to execute close relatives with cannons.

This man is a top a dystopian paradise of corruption and terror.

It’s so out of our natural realm of reality that it’s hard to empathise with a nation that makes up it’s own news, starves half its people so it can build nukes, and proceeds to shoot them over neighbouring powers.

It’s nuts, so deeply disturbing, that even the stable genius that leads our free world is a little taken a back by the sheer cheek of such a provocative move.

But President Trump is reduced to empty threats and fighting talk he knows he can never follow through on.

The fact is that North Korea holds all the cards to a small apocalypse if he so desired.

And for a good bit of last year, the world was half convinced he’d follow through, and bomb someone.

Who it would have been is almost anyone’s guess, whether Japan, South Korea or the US itself.

Such was the sheer panic of Hawaiians during the false missile launch.

But then came Pyonchang, where North and South found some warmth in the midst of the winter games.

Talking’s a good thing when it comes to Kim Jong In, he feels like he’s trapped in a corner.

Imperialist Americans who, if it wasn’t for China’s patronage since the Korean war, would have long occupied the North.

We’ll that’s how the news in Pyongyang would report it.

So as we enjoy this nice little diplomatic breather, we can take stock of the world at large.

Russia is struggling to impose a military victory in Syria, China is reduced to watch as USS Carl Vinson sails by in the South China Sea, Israel is going to war, again.

Apart from Obama’s disastrous decision to do nothing when Assad gassed his own people, the west is in a comparatively strong position.

The bulk of Ukraine now turns west, vowing never to look east again.

That’s a win.

Turkey, the US and their Kurdish partners collectively control 40 per cent of Syria, even if two of them are currently trying to kill each other, Yemen is being won by the Saudi coalition and the UK is returning to east of the Suez.

Yes China’s building arms like it’s going out of fashion, but so is the west.

And India provides a firm geopolitical check on Xi Jinping’s imperialistic trade expansionism.

They’ve got to face the cold hard reality that for all it’s efforts. China doesn’t rule the seas by a long shot.

So what to do about the crazy little nuclear armed hermit kingdom?

We should talk, and listen. If only to listen to the madness that they preach.

But don’t get comfortable in this winter Olympic warmth, it will take more than singing to bridge the gap between our nations.

It doesn’t hurt to start, but at the end of the day all the North has are it’s nukes.

Without them it’s got nothing, so it’s not afraid to use them.

And the west know it, which is why a war would be a nightmare.

The casualties in the first weeks would dwarf the entire death toll from seven years of Syrian civil war.

President Trump is showing the kind of restraint any sane man would when faced with an ideologue armed to the teeth.

He might not as stable a genius he thinks he is, but US foreign policy certainly hasn’t fallen off a cliff during his term.

From Syria to Iran and North Korea, the President is proving to be a keen student of foreign policy.

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