Manly Independent believes in freedom, fairness and social justice.

We’re stronger together.

Here is our manifesto, as spoken by Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Roosevelt.

There are only three certainties in life – sun rises in the east, sets in the west and freedom’s more precious than any possession.


1 thought on “Manifesto

  1. What kind of freedom is that? Can you be a little more explicit? What are the boundaries and consequences of exercising freedom midst a political protocol of fairness and justice? You may want to consider whether fairness and justice are ideals rather than achievable realities in this world. Jesus was supposed to be an example of how to live our lives. He exercised freedom to speak his truth, heal the sick and sit with the poor and rejected, yet he did not receive a fair trial or indeed justice. So as a so called Christian nation, where do we stand relative to the Manly Independent Manifesto. What example to we follow?
    I was once told that the best place to begin is from the premise that there is no justice in the world, and work from there. However, it may arguably follow that there is neither justice nor fairness in the world as one suggests the other. So where does that leave freedom? It may leave one to the conclusion that it is only the freedom to be fair and just that has the potential to change individuals and perhaps eventually, the attitudes and social standards of our communities.


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