Tepid Mr Turnbull

Here’s another promoted video for BAE System’s Type 26 Frigate:

Australia, like Canada, is also upgrading their entire frigate fleet.

Britain’s is already under construction.

Like Ottawa, Canberra has an unmissable opportunity to build a navy capable of complete interoperability.

If the British, Canadian and Australian navies can sail together, there’s no stopping the Commonwealth on the high seas.

We need to stop China from unilaterally redrawing maritime boundaries in the Pacific.

It’s time a joint naval command was established to deal with the communist threat.

The United States shouldn’t have to carry this responsibility alone.

So let’s kick off some joint freedom of navigation patrols, show the reds we mean business.

Turnbull has to decide whether he’s a Churchill or a Chamberlain.

Come on Prime Minister, we’re waiting.

Show some leadership.

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