Socialist alternative

I’m a former Australian Labor Party adviser who has quit the party because I’m really a libertarian who values free market principles and isn’t overly enamoured by unions.

I mean it’s a bit rich for workers to band together and treat businesses like they’re a bunch of crooks for trying to turn a profit.

Labor’s disdain for entrepreneurs and embrace of closed shop industries that drag on our economy are just some of the reasons my love for the Labor Party had to end.

Am I unreasonable for believing that business should turn a profit, and innovation should be nurtured instead of threatened?

And, out of left field, am I alone in believing that locking up children in overseas detention centres is the best way of dealing with asylum seekers?

Because Labor is now as heartless towards refugees as the Coalition.

Well I’m not convinced, so I’m leaving.

Leaving for a party where you can believe in both business and caring, where market principles meet genuine concern for our fellow citizens.

But that party doesn’t exist in Australia, so I invented one.

I’ve built a website, gained a modest following, now I feel like Trotsky must have when he ran a printing press out of a train carriage during the Russian civil war.

What am I even talking about?

Am I crazy to want a party of profit that actually cares, like Britain’s Liberal Democrats?

Alas no, in Australia you have a choice between cold hearted capitalists and free spending socialists.

If you choose neither, you have a Clancy’s choice of far left Greens or far right One Nation.

There’s no middle ground, so I’ve stolen the Liberal Democrats manifesto, changed the word Britain to Australia umpteen times, and started to search for people who would support my libertarian centrist viewpoint.

I stand for guns, within reason.

For free speech and decriminalisation of drugs.

For us to embrace free market principles and let businesses stand on their own two feet.

No red tape, low taxes, and small government.

Or something like that – it’s a work in progress.

But on the other side of the ledger, is my need to also support a party that cares.

For the cold hearted Coalition, that’s too big an ask.

This is, after all, the outfit that recently brought us the leader that cheats on his wife and sleeps with his staff.

Classy, Mr Joyce.

So, as you can tell, I know how to go on about nothing.

I got paid good coin to talk smack all day, but now that I stand by my own principles I’m broke and out of work.


Driving my car into the head office of the Labor Party may have helped, but they should have seen it coming.

So support Manly Independent if you believe in freedom, fairness and social justice.

I do, and I bet I’m not alone either.

If France can elect a centrist independent to be President, why can’t I even go to the ballot box anymore.

Had enough.

It’s time Australia found a new way to govern, from the centre.

1 thought on “Socialist alternative

  1. Por que nos dos?

    Should a business be allowed to continue if it’s not paying it’s workers properly?
    What if those workers rely on that subpar pay?
    Short term vs long term.

    In my travel overseas one thing that sticks with me that separates our country from theirs is our social safety net known as centerlink which you can’t truly appreciate until you’ve seen 3rd world countries first hand.

    That French independent Justin Trudeau has reneged on many promises if I’m not mistaken.

    Your so right though, Australia needs a new party representative of its people.

    I grew up in a farm, where using rifles was a normal part of life but now that live by the beach, yeah there’s no reason why I can justify owning a gun.


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