LibDems need Independence

You’d think that after the existential collapse in our party’s primary vote and representation following the disastrous coalition agreement with David Cameron, coupled with the deeply polarised contemporary political landscape facing our United Kingdom today, what remains of the sensible centre that is the LibDems should forge an independent path forward free of any ties to the left or right.

But you’d be wrong.

The collective pitchfork variety of coalition enthusiasts instead went to school on my considered opinion.

It was emphatic, unyielding, reality defying herd mentality of the likes Nick Clegg himself would even blush at.

Remember him?

You know, the former Deputy PM who caved on university fees, caved on NHS funding and caved on the EU all so he could enjoy his fleeting moment in the sun.

Friends, our vote was once in the mid 20s. It’s now at 8 per cent.


In parliament, we’re still fortunate enough to be able to field a cricket team – just.

Liberty belongs to those who seek it, not those who sidle up to the latest interest group.

Whether it’s big business or big unions, we need to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough.

Enough of your backroom deals and golden handshakes, enough of your closed shops and tax exemptions, and enough of treating individuals like they don’t matter.

Liberalism is, at it’s core, based on defending the rights of the individual.

How can we expect to succeed when we can’t even stand on our own two feet as an individual liberal party?

No wonder the voters have left us.

Oh and Nick Clegg fans amongst us – he lost his seat for a reason.

He sold out.

People want us to be independent – ask them, they tend to answer.

All Mr Clegg did was turn us into a Tory sidepiece, for thirty pieces of silver.

So give me back my party you bunch of coalition enthusiast trolls, and take down your misplaced shrine of remembrance for the much lamented former leader, Mr Clegg.

He lost his own seat, remember?

That wasn’t meant to happen.

Just like the coalition agreement.

Why couldn’t have we just let the Tories run a minority administration, then vote them out at our earliest convenience?

Why indeed.

We only have a cricket team left to play politics with, so let’s be clever about it.

Starting with maintaining our fierce independence.

No more sweetheart deals with the Tories or Labor.

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