Turkey’s Gallipoli moment

Remember that fateful day, 25th April 1915, when Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed on Turkey’s sovereign shores?

And do you remember how Turkey held them off, at great cost in lives, to hold the high ground and eventually send them back into the sea after eight months of bloody struggle?

Of course you don’t, you’ve even forgotten the heroic generalship of Atatürk and the brave sacrifice of the defenders.

No matter what the Anzac’s threw at them, Turkey threw it back in equal measure.

Which is why to this day, both nations share a bond soaked in the blood of their fallen comrades.

Now it’s time for former foes to point out to our Turkish friends the error that is Erdogan and his petulant quest for war.

Afrin and Turkey were at peace before Ankara unilaterally started hostilities.

Syrian Kurds were helping the Americans eliminate ISIS and forge a democratic state.

And the Free Syrian Army was consolidating it’s tenuous hold on the province of Idlib.

Now the war against ISIS is stalled, the FSA has vacated Idlib to extremist groups and Afrin is under siege from all sides.

But the war isn’t going well for you – 41 Turkish martyrs and 159 FSA troops killed attest to that.

Despite Turkey’s aerial dominance, the YPG still control the high ground, allowing them to shell towns well inside Turkish territory.

Add to the confusion the troubling reality that Iran has deployed its militia to the Afrin front lines, the YPG is being reinforced from the east and despite its dogged exertions, Turkish and FSA forces are reduced to a grinding war of attrition.

Where, like Gallipoli, each and every metre can be measured in blood.

Perhaps your President is too naive and trusting, but this was Russia’s intent all along.

By offering Turkey a chance to sieze Afrin, Putin in one fell stroke sent American allies to fight each other.

It’s a cruel irony at play here, who will win?

The CIA-trained FSA or the Pentagon-backed YPG?

Who knows, but be sure to know that we care.

Pull your head in Mr Erdogan, you’ve been played for a fool by a former KGB agent.

You know the one.

The sort of man that poisons people freely and sends mercenaries to do the militaries work.

All so he can conceivably deny the obvious reality, that Russia wants an end to the NATO alliance.

And it starts with Turkey.

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