Trump, diplomat

From the makers of the stable genius we call the 45th president comes a brand new type of atypical initiative – forget the thousands of paper pushing, risk averse professional public service who need to form a working party just to fix a broken chair and just do the job yourself.

In this respect, the Donald is putting the business back into government.

Using sanctions and brinkmanship to such surprising effect that North Korea feels the need to talk peace, if only as a means to buy more time.

But it would be remiss of the president’s staff not to advise him on the benefits and pitfalls of such a bold change of course in such a short space in time.

It wasn’t long ago that the US had deployed three aircraft carriers to the Korean peninsula to simulate a strike on the north.

American bombers have been a regular appearance and tens of thousands of troops have been forward deployed, ready to strike.

Talk had been turning towards what to do in the event Seoul was hit by an artillery barrage.

But the winter Olympics and Kim Jong Un’s charm offensive, followed up by rare high level talks between north and south has seen the reclusive dictator to try his hand at talking directly with the man responsible for imposing the most punitive sanctions on Pyongyang.

The invitation was a risky play to make, it means a lot that he accepted.

But to do so, there needs to be more than polite entreaties on the table.

The west wants results, but there’s no clear inclination as to what the north wants.

It’s that great unknown that is perplexing the army of risk averse, pencil pushing public servants at the State Department who wouldn’t have advised in favour of meeting him for a litany of reasons, each one soundly argued.

But Trump went with his gut instinct on this one.

Whether he succeeds or fails spectacularly is yet to be determined, but either way the president’s foreign policy is starting to pay dividends.


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