Rojava must yield to Turkey

It’s difficult to tell anyone they’ve been defeated, let alone a whole people.

But dear friends, we have something to tell you – you just aren’t as important to the US as Turkey is to NATO.

It’s a geopolitical bedrock of western infiltration and control for the complex web of disputes and allegiances that run across the Middle East.

In Iraq, Turkey holds Iranian influence in check.

In the black sea, its navy sits as a counterbalance to Russia.

And in the air, Turkey has the wherewithal to deny Moscow access to Syria.

It’s a market economy that purports to be a democracy, despite a recent coup attempt and a crackdown on dissent.

But Turkey has legitimate reasons to fear YPG control of it’s southern borders.

It doesn’t help that many Syrian Kurds have a shrine committed to the jailed PKK leader.

Wind back the enthusiasm for him if you want to continue to receive US support.

Despite the impending humiliation of defeat in Afrin, all hope is not lost for the Kurdish democratic project.

From Manbij to Kobane, Raqqa and the Euphrates the now majority Arab Syrian Democratic Forces stand ready to deliver a new democratic state.

Because this is the key point the US and Turkey differ.

Turkey preferred ISIS to the Kurds at its border because they promised not to extend their regime of terror into that country.

But for the Kurds, that’s exactly what you’ve done – supporting terror group PKK to cause death and destruction in Turkey itself.

No wonder they invaded Afrin, and thank your lucky stars that the US is defending the rest of your territory.

But make this clear in your mind – Rojava’s radical egalitarianism and militant feminism doesn’t sit well with many conservative Arab tribes.

You’re lucky that the freewheeling Yankees have looked past your far left ideology, because if you haven’t noticed, America is a liberal market economy, not a command and control collective like the one you’ve imposed on the people of eastern Syria.

So the choice is simple, support American nation building initiatives as if your lives depended on it.

Because the US is all that is standing between Kurdish control of eastern Syria and a shallow grave.

The Turks are as good fighters as they are terrible allies, but America remains the ultimate cause of this blowback.

If you actually think it through, the conflict in Afrin pits the CIA trained Free Syrian Army against the Pentagon backed SDF.

How’s that for a proxy war?

Washington is waging one against itself.

President Trump has a plan not dissimilar to Russia’s dismemberment of Ukraine.

If the Kurds can learn to leave Turkey alone in peace, then Ankara won’t feel obliged to launch another apocalypse.

Make terms and withdraw from Afrin, return your troops back to the fight against ISIS, and ensure that the government is not a Kurdish one but – like the people it claims to govern – majority Arab.

Otherwise there’ll be ethnic unrest and the SDF agenda will fall.

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