Second rate proxies

The Pentagon has to stop using second rate proxies to fight its battles.

From the ethically questionable Syrian Democratic Forces to civilian bombing Saudi Arabia in Yemen, our surrogate partners might lighten the financial impost of war but, by doing so, emboldens a foreign world view which runs counter to our own.

In Syria, instead of deploying sizeable forces. America allied with the alleged PKK Linked Syrian Kurds. An alliance formed in the desperate defence of Kobani.

In doing so, the US has effectively handed all of eastern Syria to a radically egalitarian, collectivist society intent on imposing Kurdish authority on their new Arab subjects.

Turkey smells a rat, and has invaded Afrin for good measure.

Now two American trained armies – the SDF and the FSA – are in the process of killing each other.

This is an open shut case of policy blowback.

Only America could have managed to instigate the absurd reality of a proxy war with itself.

These are American trained men, armed with American weapons, chasing each other to early deaths.

Yet still President Trump does nothing to stop the ridiculous crisis.

And in Yemen, Saudi’s bomb civilians without thinking twice in behaviour similar to Assad’s carpet bombing tactics.

It’s medieval and cruel, undermines public support for the government position and emboldens the Iran backed rebels to hold on even longer.

The war is stuck in a holding pattern, with neither side able or willing to end this forgotten war.

It’s time the United States showed the world once and for all that it’s the arsenal of democracy, and bring Assad to the negotiating table, sideline Iran, and stop Russia from increasing it’s destabilising influence in the region.

Putin’s Russia has been in a state of constant conflict with the west since 2014.

Despite the peaceful illusion, east and west are already at war.

There is an embargo on Moscow, territory has fallen for the first time since World War 2, and nuclear powers are frantically upgrading their weaponry.

The world is rearming for war, which has already started.

The west is just to scared to admit it that we’re already at war.

Come to terms with it, denial is getting us nowhere fast.

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